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My name is Byrd and I help Cricut users like you make money selling their Cricut projects.

If you're ready to sell your Cricut creations on your own website through Big Cartel, I can help you. 

Selling on Etsy, Amazon, social media or popup shops can bring in some customers, but at some point, you need your own website that you can direct people to.

Having your own website makes your business look more professional and plus you can put your website on your business cards, flyers and other marketing material.


This service is for those who aren't tech-savvy or don't have time to build your website but know you need a website to make more money.

Yes, you can watch YouTube videos and spend lots of hours trying to build your own website, or you can let Byrd, an expert, do it for you so you can start selling quickly!


With this service, you are contracting with Byrd to develop your Big Cartel website for your Cricut business or general business. Byrd and the client will sign a confidentiality form due to personal and sensitive information being shared between both parties.

The advertised fee of $300 is for the development of the

Big Cartel website and does not include the monthly Big Cartel subscription cost or additional fees for website plugins/apps.



There will be an initial 1-hour consultation call to discuss the client's vision for their website. During this call, Byrd will inform the client of the necessary documents that are required from them to begin the website development. Byrd will also answer any questions the client has about the process to develop their website.


For the duration it takes to develop the website, Byrd and the client will have 2 30-minute calls per month to discuss progress on the site. Regular communication will also take place via email to keep the client informed of progress on the website. The client can also request additional calls for an additional fee.


It can take up to 4 months to develop the website, depending on the payment option the client chooses, but a deadline will be discussed with the client during the consultation call.

If the client’s website is finished before the number of months they selected for payment, the client will still be required to pay the remaining balance in monthly payments for the duration of the selected timeframe.


A high-level operational manual will be provided to the client with high-level details of how to operate the back end of their

Big Cartel website.


The client will be required to upload the necessary documents to a secure shared online folder in a timely manner to stay consistent with the deadline of the website completion. Byrd will provide the client with a link to an online portal to upload/complete with the requested information.

The following items are required in addition to others that may be requested:

- Logo

- Colors

- Product categories

- Product pictures

- Product pricing

- Social media links

- etc.

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