Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet
Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet
Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet

Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet

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 This Cricut pricing spreadsheet will help you take the frustration out of pricing your creations. This spreadsheet gives you a methodical way of pricing your products that's not just a number pulled out of thin air. 

The Cricut pricing spreadsheet includes the following tabs:

  • Tshirt pricing front or back
  • Tshirt pricing front and back
  • Drinkware pricing
  • Wood-acrylic sign pricing
  • Vinyl decal pricing
  • Journal pricing
  • Shadow box pricing
  • Confetti pricing

Plug in the numbers you want to get to a price you feel comfortable with. Plug in your item name/size, the cost to purchase your materials, how much profit you want to make and shipping, if you charge shipping. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the total price for you.


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