Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet
Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet
Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet

Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet

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 This Cricut pricing spreadsheet will help you take the frustration out of pricing your creations. This spreadsheet gives you a methodical way of pricing your products that's not just a number pulled out of thin air. 

The Cricut pricing spreadsheet includes the following tabs:

  • Tshirt pricing front or back
  • Tshirt pricing front and back
  • Drinkware pricing
  • Wood-acrylic sign pricing
  • Vinyl decal pricing
  • Journal pricing
  • Shadow box pricing
  • Confetti pricing

Plug in the numbers you want to get to a price you feel comfortable with. Plug in your item name/size, the cost to purchase your materials, how much profit you want to make and shipping, if you charge shipping. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the total price for you.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Isela Garcia
Another perfect need!!

If you have or will be starting a Cricut or Silhouette business, YOU NEED THIS!! I have always had problems with pricing my products and with this, just open the file, click on the appropriate tab and it’s there.

Excellent Guide

This is an excellent guide for pricing your Cricut products. It’s almost accurate. I was very overwhelmed with the pricing of the products I make with my Cricut maker and I bought this. It really helped me to know how to price and charge for profits. Thank you.

You need this!

This is a definite must have if you have your own business or may be thinking of starting your own. The spreadsheet is so helpful in breaking down costs so you can make a profit. Highly recommended!

A must have for any Cricut business

This spreadsheet made pricing my items simple and fast. It helped me to price my products competitively without taking a loss. I can make a profit even after paying myself for my time. It helped me to better understand exactly how much my materials, supplies, and production cost which helped me be able to make better product and supply purchases, sometimes something may seem like a great deal and then turns out it actually wasn't cost effective. Thank you for making this available for people who love to create and want to have a business but don't have the experience knowing how sales work.

Hi Shellie!

Thank you for leaving your honest review and I'm glad that the pricing spreadsheet is helpful to you in your craft business. Feel free to reach out about anything that I may be able to help you with such as setting up a Shopify website for your crafts, running ads on social media, etc.